Strawberry Reservoir

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I can't believe I forgot to post about our very first trip to see the fall leaves, the trip when I didn't take a single picture of fall leaves despite all the beautiful colors we saw.  Rob had been wanting to drive up to Strawberry reservoir for a while to see the Salmon running so we figured a Sunday drive was the perfect time to head up there.

We looked in the river and found one Salmon but the majority had already made it up to the fish hatchery.

And boy were there a ton of them, one even tried to jump over the wall thinking he could continue to go upstream, wish I would have had my camera out for that.

We decided to have one last cookout before the snow fell, and we got super busy with all our fall activities, so we roasted hot dogs for dinner.  They were delicious!!

This is what Samantha did most of the time we were eating dinner, she traded pretend phones with one of her cousins and wouldn't put it down (even though it doesn't do anything).

We had lots of fun and Strawberry Reservoir is now on our list of places to visit next summer. We would love to fish for Salmon or even camp up there for a weekend.  Better put it on the calendar now before next summer fills up again.

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