Finding ME

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I learned something about myself last night; I was not meant to stage objects, I am also not a super crafter, or a DIY home gal.  These are just not my thing, I am finally OK with that, and thankful I don't have to try and keep up with something I am not.  I have been wondering for a while where I fit in the whole "creative" scheme of things, and I have been crossing a bunch off my list of things I am not and can stop trying to be. 

I decided this week I needed a break, no Facebook or Twitter, I even cut down on my reader time and cut out some of the blogs I was reading trying to be something I am just not.  I was surprised at how easy it was and how much I have been able to accomplish in my free time.

I wanted to figure out who I am, what I wanted to become, and find my voice.  I am a Mom and Wife first, I love my little family and I want to enjoy where I am now.  I want to wake up every morning and be truly thankful I get to be a Mom and stay at home doing all these wife/mom duties.

I also wanted to be happy being me, but I didn't know who "me" was supposed to be anymore.  Me kind of got lost when my big plan for life got put on hold for 20+ years while I traded my dream career for a career as a Mom, a career I didn't think I would have or even be cut out for.  Over the years I have tried stamping, scrapbooking, cardmaking, crafting, etc. thinking I would find me, but I never did and I eventually gave them up.  

As I have thought through everything this week I have found 3 things I have never stopped loving to do:

1) Taking pictures of my family, our adventures, and our beautiful surroundings.
2) Cooking and baking, the kitchen has always been one of my "happy" places.
3) Make holidays extra special and to have lots of fun traditions.

I think I have started to find Me, I am pretty sure I was there all along I just never fully embraced it.  But now my plan is starting to fall into place, I am starting to see what needs to be done, and I am ready to dig in and learn more about my interests and improve on them.

  I am starting to feel better about my place in life right now, and I am starting to breathe again.

And that is an amazing feeling!!

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