The Incident

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rob is going on a 52 mile hike with his cousins, we have spent the last couple of weeks gathering supplies for his adventure.  Last night we hit Sports Authority, Costco (after 9 years I am finally a card carrying member, YAY), and finally Big 5.  The sidekicks were starting to get tired and I knew we should be getting home but I really wanted to finish getting what was needed.  After a warning to stay off the exercise equipment I made my grand exit from the store dragging my 3 sidekicks with me, leaving Rob to finish up his shopping, and we would sit in the car and wait.  I had one hand holding my hollering 8 year old and the other hand searching my purse for my keys.  Search after search presented the same results, no keys.  I didn't want to but I peaked in the car and saw my keys lying there taunting me with all the doors locked.
I called Rob and asked if he had keys to the car.  Unfortunately for me when we first started our shopping adventure Rob informed me I couldn't lock my keys in the car because he was leaving his in the center console.  I told him he cursed me, I am the person that checks and then checks again to make sure I have my keys before locking it.  I never leave my keys in the car and I don't know what in the world happened.
So Rob, being the hero he is, went back in the store and bought a package of roasting forks.  He then managed to thread it through the window and unlock the car door.
I still can't believe how amazing my husband is, I don't know what I would do without him.

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