Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We were without AC for almost 2 days, I am a wimp, but it was not fun.  I will count my blessings that it cooled down at night so I could sleep and today it stayed cool in our house, but yesterday it was getting a bit warm for comfort.  I waited around my house for most of the day yesterday waiting for the repairman to show up, around 4 in the afternoon I realized he wasn't coming so the sidekicks, Rob and I all headed to find some relief from our hot house.  We headed to the BYU creamery, which was good but Aggie ice cream is better and that is coming from a very loyal BYU girl, and then to the mall to check some more items off Rob's hike shopping list.
Thankfully by the time were were done there was a breeze cooling things down, it was actually cooler outside than inside our house so we decided to take a walk to the park.  We bought Hunter a motorcycle for his birthday and Rob wanted to work with him a bit more on learning to ride it.

A/C is now fixed and working better than ever, and we are very thankful to have somewhere to escape the heat!!

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