Wednesday, September 7, 2016

*Today my daughter cried herself to sleep. Why? you may ask. Well she was fighting with her brother and would not let it go so I suggested she say our night time prayers and thank her Heavenly Father for her brother. After a very snotty comment about it being Dad's responsibility to call on someone for the prayer, he asked her to say the prayer. 2 prayers later and she had not thanked Heavenly Father for her brother, Rob told her to try again which resulted in much wailing and gnashing of teeth until she finally gave in. And then she ran to her room, buried herself in her covers, and cried herself to sleep. Oh teenagers, they are like toddlers with better vocabularies.

*Today is Wednesday, not my favorite day of the week, in fact I am always so tired on Wednesday. BUT, I think the 3 day weekend was in my favor and it really wasn't too bad.

*Today I mopped part of my floor, did all the laundry, ran kids to various activities, and picked up Rob's medication. I love when I can get a lot accomplished when there is a lot going on.

*Today Rob suggested we go to the taco place for dinner, we love that little hole in the wall place. So we dropped Hunter off at football, picked up dinner, and headed back to eat and watch his game. Don't feel too bad for Hunter though, he doesn't like the taco place so he ate a PB and Honey sandwich before the game.

*Today I decided to just start writing, whatever came to my head, this is what I ended up with. I need to remember to do things for me. We are so busy with everything that I feel like I am running myself ragged some days. So here I am working on something I think is important to me, recording our life. Now I just need to remember to pull out the camera.

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