Back to School 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Things have been a little nuts around here this month. I have a new boss at work, there have been a few big changes in staff, and I have taken on way more responsibility then I had planned. Not only that but my school started a week before my kids did so it has been a juggling act. They have been amazing throughout the entire month and I am so grateful to them!! They start school on Tuesday so we headed up Hobble creek for a little photo shoot followed by some target practice.

Samantha 8th Grade

Hunter 5th Grade

Hannah 4th Grade

We are diving into competition team again this year, although it didn't really end in May. She has been going to tumbling and technique classes all summer.

Hunter is starting guitar lessons, Samantha is really thrilled about that, well not so much but she will get over it. He is also looking forward to many more tech and engineering clubs this year. Not to mention he finally has a boy teacher.

Samantha is continuing with her guitar lessons, is in the Girls Show Choir at school, and the most demanded babysitter in our neighborhood.

I sure do love these silly kids, I am so grateful they are mine!!

Samantha has a deer tag so we have spent many Sundays working to get the perfect shot. We tried my tripod as a shooting stand but are going to have to break down and get her a shooting stick.

It was a beautiful Sunday, but I am ready to have a steady routine and loose the guilt of being at work while my kids are at home.

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