Sunday Snapshot - March 1st

Monday, March 2, 2015

I always have these grand plans, they seem so easy to accomplish, but then life happens and all of the sudden I have only taken one "Sunday Snapshot" in February, and even that one is a disaster. But here we are in March and I am determined to get back on track and make a change. I am also hoping to be better and more deliberate about how I spend my time. I have set some awesome goals that I am really excited about accomplishing this month.

So of course I wake up on March 1st feeling like I have been hit by a truck. Oh I was not going to let that stop me, I was going to put my big girl panties on and make it a good day if it killed me.

Around 9:00 a.m. after feeling frustrated and defeated by Samantha's attitude about working on her Personal Progress experience, the easy one about fasting that she was going to do anyway, I went and crawled back in bed.

Rob reached over and asked how I was feeling, I told him like I had been hit by a truck, he felt my head and informed me I was running a fever.

I lived in denial all morning. I showered and got ready for the day, had dinner all prepared so we could eat immediately after church (a requirement for Fast Sunday), and we even took our picture.

It was a very productive morning.

I made it through Sacrament meeting curled up in the corner of the bench wishing for a blanket and my fireplace. I realized then I should have just stayed home, but I refuse to get sick dangit.

I spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the couch while Rob took care of me, I sure do love that guy.

Meanwhile the kids had spent the morning turning our family room into a maze of forts. Samantha made her and Hannah's stuffed animals into Arabian pets and then made a crown for Hunter's bear because they had decided he would be the king of Fort Land.

I really do love and appreciate when they are all playing and getting along so well.

Samantha came home from church and said that none of her friends were there and so she had saved me a seat. I couldn't believe the one day my daughter wanted to acknowledge my presence in Young Women's and I wasn't there. Where is the justice in this world?!?!?!

She did bring me one of the cute handouts my friend Stephanie had made to go along with her lesson. She said she knew I would like it because it was for completing a Personal Progress Experience.

I am holding out hope that one day she will thank me for "encouraging" her to work on her Personal Progress.

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