Valentine's Day 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I tried really hard to be prepared in advance for Valentine's day, I knew what was coming the week before, and I knew we wouldn't have much time to prepare after.

On our "To Do" list was class Valentine's and the dreaded Valentine's box.

Am I the only one who doesn't love the Valentine box?

Thankfully Samantha wanted to create her box all on her own, Hannah wanted to use her box from last year, and Hunter would have been happy with anything, but was really excited about his football box.

I really love when my kids make things easy!!

We had planned on having our traditional Valentine's dinner on Friday since Rob was flying to Paris on Valentine's day, but he was very busy trying to finish everything up at work, and Samantha was invited to a Galentine's party, so we opted for a Valentine's breakfast on Valentine's day instead.

I think we are going to make breakfast a yearly tradition along with our usual dinner, it was so good.

It was not the perfect Valentine's I had pictured in my head, but for what we had to work with I think it was perfect. I sure do love this family of mine!!

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