While Rob was in Paris....Again

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rob had to go to Paris for meetings, again. He spent his week eating really good food, visiting beautiful old cathedrals, and going to the Louvre.

No big deal.

And what I mean by that is: Why oh why can it never work out that I get to go with him!!!!!

The kids and I did our best to stay busy while he was gone.

We ran around outside in the cold:

Made Lego movies

Talked on Skype every chance we had, an 8 hour time difference is rough.

Hunter made a bird feeder at Scouts so we hung in in a tree by our house.

The counter people came to take pictures so I started putting together our house tour for this here blog.

We made brownies

And then ate them straight from the pan.

I made Rob a new Steelers Blanket

And we played with lots of legos

But one thing is certain, we were all so excited when Rob's plane arrived 1 hour earlier than expected!!

And I was very grateful for good people in our life who invited us to dinner and brought Diet Coke, it made a huge difference in how I dealt with him being gone, and I felt very blessed.

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