It's A Beautiful Life

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I was having a tough day, I had forgotten just how beautiful my life is, and decided I was in desperate need of an attitude change. I walked into my office and finished a bracelet I had tucked away in my drawer, I loved that it was yellow, just what I needed to help put a smile on my face. I also kept my camera close by determined I was going to use it to capture this beautiful life of mine.

I would like to think the beautiful sunset that night was just for me. We spent a good hour on our deck taking pictures trying to capture the beauty before coming in and making breakfast for dinner again.


  1. So with you on this journey! I don't get the nausea thankfully, but I used to think "She has pms" was just a good "ha ha. Very funny" joke. Not so. I don't know if it's age
    or something that has gotten worse after each of my pregnancies, but the week leading up to and beginning my period is such a trial. I have to constantly battle anger, frustration, total feelings of overwhelmment, etc. etc. It is a real struggle to be a good me. It does make me realize I need to be less judgemental if people who seem constantly snippy or petty. For all I know they battle hormone issues constantly.

  2. I can totally relate to this post. I am sooooo thankful for my GYN who listened and has taken care of this for me. She started me on the low dose Lo Loestrin FE birth control pill. I take it nonstop, so I skip the placebo pills. It has completely stopped my period and no more hormone roller coasters. I LOVE it. I am 40 and we are done with having babies so I am fine with all of it. I just wanted out of that monthly nightmare! My body is super sensitive too and I have never been able to tolerate birth control pills before, but these don't give me any side effects at all. I hope you can find what works well for you. :-) Hang in there!