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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yesterday I grounded my kids from all electronics: no TV, no iPods, no Xbox. And then the most amazing thing happened, no one died. In fact it was just the opposite, my kids played legos and used their imaginations.

I almost boxed everything up and threw it out right then and there. I am sure I would have a major riot on my hands, but it made me realize we need to cut back a little bit and focus more on each other.

Hunter is having a rough time in school, mean kids suck, and his poor little heart is hurting. I remind him multiple times a day how much we all love him, and I will keep reminding him until he never doubts. But we also have our challenges at home because he is the only boy, and sometimes the girls want to do girl stuff and he feels left out.

Samantha and I talked about it and she promised to include him more, because as much as he drives her crazy, in the end she wants a relationship like her Dad has with his Sister, and that requires work now.

And can I just say, thank goodness for Rob, he is always taking Hunter with him wherever he goes. Today he sent me a text letting me know he had picked up some last minute ski passes for Friday and was going to take Hunter because he needed some "Man Time". Dads are so important and I am grateful my kids have such an amazing one.

Rob has also been talking to him about how to stand up for himself, something that is so important to learn, I just wish it involved more "kill them with kindness" and less suggestions to punch them in the nose.

Although, some days it sure sounds like a good idea.

Have I mentioned mean kids suck?!?!

There are days when I feel so helpless, when I worry sick about how I can help him, and the girls, face the challenges in their lives, thank goodness I am not alone in all of this.

On one particular tough morning I was reminded that the answer is love. Love is one of the greatest powers on the earth, next to the Priesthood, and people can do extraordinary things when they know they are loved and when they love themselves.

So I have been looking for little ways to show more love to all my kids. I am working on sending them little love notes (hand written and in text form), giving them lots of hugs and kisses, spending time with them, and just setting everything aside and looking them in the eyes and listening.

I am hoping that all the small things will lead to big changes, because that boy of mine, and my girls, are amazing kids and I want them to be able to see that in themselves and never doubt how much they are loved.

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