Things To Do In Utah: Diamond Fork Hot Springs

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I give this guy a hard time about hiking, but honestly I am so grateful he actually wants to take his family, sometimes kicking and screaming, out to spend time together. I can only hope one day the end result is three kids who are just as awesome as he is and who love spending time together.

BUT, I will admit, hiking into the hot pots is actually one of our favorite hikes.

Yes, even the wife who doesn't love hiking enjoys this one.

There is something magical about natural pools of hot water surrounded by gorgeous mountain views.

NOW, fair warning: for some reason this is a really popular place for skinny dippers. Which is why we have always started hiking at the crack of dawn. We really love having the place to ourselves and this way we also avoid seeing any unwanted human cracks.

So far it has worked out for us, and thank goodness we are a family of morning people.

When we reached the hot pots I made the mistake of telling Rob how this has been the best time hiking in. Everyone was happy, we made in in record time, and we didn't have any big wipeouts like we have in the past.

We hadn't made it very far into a trip back down the trail when Hannah slipped and fell into a huge mud hole, and then when we were almost to the car she tripped and scrapped up her arm pretty good.

Thankfully she was a trooper and kept going, but she wasn't very happy about it.

Me and my big mouth.

But when all was said and done we had a great time and enjoyed having the hot pots all to ourselves again.

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  1. I already told you this, but gosh this looks fun!!! I don't know if I could convince my husband we need to do it. Maybe we could do a playdate. :)