St. Patrick's Day

Friday, March 22, 2013

Our normal St. Patrick's day starts with Lucky Charms (the actual cereal not the Malt O Meal bags we usually buy) and green milk. I usually buy the kids a fun green shirt for the day and then our dinner has as much green as possible.

This year I didn't buy shirts because it was Sunday, and I slept in so there is no picture of breakfast.

For dinner we had corned beef (precooked cooked from Costco), twice baked potatoes, shamrock biscuits, and edamame. We put my sister in law in charge of the drinks and she brought lime sherbet and sprite. It went perfect with the mustache straws Hannah and I found at Orsen Gygi a few weeks ago.

We ended the night with mint brownies and ice cream and then called the day a success.

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