Right Now...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

* My stupid ankle is throbbing, I twisted it yesterday and now it feels the need to remind me how much it hates me. Thanks ankle.

* Rob is sick, like really sick, like throwing up non stop since last night sick. I am trying to keep him isolated so no one else gets sick and then he went and took a big drink of my Diet Coke. So when I am throwing up in a few days we all know who to blame.

* I need to call a real estate agent but I kind of want Rob to do it, but since he is sick I will probably have to suck it up and call.

* We are getting closer to buying a lot to build our house on, I am trying not to freak out, but let's face it this is HUGE and I don't want to screw it up. Rob is excited about the lot, the kids are super excited about it, and I am fighting the excitement because it isn't exactly where I want to be.

* I am thinking about giving up Diet Coke, but after the night I had last night it just wasn't happening today, maybe tomorrow.

* I am giving up my McDonald's breakfast, this one might be tough to stick to, but I think I can, I think I can.

* The girl's Easter dresses came in the mail and Samantha's had black marker on it, I wasn't very happy, thankfully they are sending me a new one ASAP, crossing my fingers it is here before Friday.

* I am thinking about buying a sourdough starter, but then I read through the directions and realized it would have to wait until after spring break. But I have always wanted to learn how to make artisan breads so I figure why not start learning now, or after spring break.

* I am also thinking about diving in and finally organizing my recipe binders, I started in the twin home and then we moved and I don't think about doing it until I have to go dig through the box to find the recipe I need. But I want it done before we move into our house, and if it is done I think I will be inspired to cook more again.

* I have a huge pile of laundry to fold and two more loads waiting to be washed, I should probably stop procrastinating and get it done. Wish me luck!!


  1. Huge bummer about the Easter dress. This is why I have anxiety about buying things online, I am a weirdo.

  2. I want to be good at artisan breads too so you will have to tell me how it goes. And I want to know what city you hope to build in! I think you should move closer to where Con and my house is in Utah.

    1. We are hoping to move to Mapleton, I can't get Rob to move anywhere north of Provo. He wanted to go all the way down to Santaquin but we have been spoiled having him only a few minutes from work so I thankfully talked him out of that one.