The Last Two Weeks in Pictures

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My kids all went back to school today, it was a beautiful thing, and I feel the need to celebrate somehow.

It has been a rough couple of weeks, I am so grateful to get this crap out of our house. I am going to haul the kids in for a flu shot, because there is no way I am opening up my house to that nasty bug.

Thankfully my kids were actually very pleasant through the entire two weeks of being sick.

In honor of finally clearing my house of the fever that lasted FOREVER, I give you the last two weeks at our house in pictures:


Proof that we have watched WAY more Spongebob than any person should have to watch in a lifetime, the girls made Spongebob's pet Gary, and Gary's new girlfriend.

Our Family portrait in Legos, created by Hannah.

Goodbye Virus, please note that you are never welcome in this house again, thank you very much!!

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  1. Glad they're all better now. Mine are getting there too. I love the little Lego family. So cute.