Project Pinned: Flourless Chocolate Cake Pinstrosity

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Samantha shares her birthday with my Mother in Law, who has recently moved closer to us, so this year we are hosting a birthday dinner at our house for the entire Morris Family. The party is usually focused on Samantha. She gets to plan the menu and the theme, but I usually try to at least find my Mother in Law her own Chocolate cake.

Now she is not picky, she would be happy with a chocolate cake from a box with chocolate frosting from a can.
But, because I am me, I have to make it amazing.

I LOVE flourless chocolate cake, I used to help with desserts at a restaurant in Logan and they had the best flourless chocolate cake. I used to bring a piece home every night after work, and if Rob was lucky I would share with him.

When we moved here we found that the Trolley had a really good flourless chocolate cake, we would stop in for a piece at least once a week. Rob even bought me a full cake for my 29th birthday.

They ended up switching to a different chocolate cake, I may have cried a few tears the day we found out.

And then I lost 5 pounds.

I figured the only solution was to learn how to make my own, and really how hard could it be.

Well it turns out it is a lot harder than I thought.


This was my first attempt, (recipe here) it was awful, and that is being nice.

The top was dry, hard, peeled off and then crumbled into pieces.

I think I need to find a recipe that has a few smaller layers, every flourless chocolate cake I have eaten is a few small layers combined to make one big cake.

I have two weeks to figure this out before I throw in the towel and order a cake from The Chocolate like I did last year.

Wish me luck!!


  1. I had a pintrosity this week too. Also a flourless recipe. We should just stick with the gluten. It makes everything taste better.

    1. I think you are right, I pinned a sour cream chocolate bundt cake. I think I will make that instead :).