Goodbye Christmas Tree

Thursday, January 3, 2013


The day we took the decorations off the tree a discussion started about how we would properly dispose of our Christmas Tree. Of course we couldn't put it out by the curb like normal people, our tree had to have the proper send off.

We talked about a bonfire, but with all of the snow we have gotten in the last week, it was decided we would pull the tree behind the four wheeler and ride it like a sled.

Samantha was not feeling adventurous and didn't want to ride, but Hunter couldn't wait and was the first one to give it a try. I was surprised when Hannah decided she wanted to go for a ride, and even more surprised when she decided to go by herself.


Hunter and Hannah would have rode longer if the four wheeler hadn't run out of gas, but I think the tree was done by then anyway.  It was a fun way to say goodbye to our tree and spend the last day of winter break!!

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  1. Ok, if I were a kid I'd be all over that! Fun! We don't have a 4-wheeler or a real tree. We have a fake tree and a bicycle... which just doesn't sound the same.