Thursday, July 26, 2012

(image credit HERE, also some great get started yoga tips)

Wednesday I finally made it to the yoga class I have been wanting to take for a while now but could never find the time. I took a beginning how to yoga class at the YMCA in Kansas, but I have never been to an actual class and I learned a few things.

1. I need my own mat, let's just say the one I used did not smell very good.
2. Lack of sleep affects my balance, when your legs are shaking it is a bit hard to be stable.
3. I need to work on my planks.
4. Yoga is AWESOME!!

My favorite part came when she talked about making change, which is one of my favorite things to do. I love to look at my life and work on making changes so I can grow and become a better person.

Although it can sometimes be a negative because I am very rarely satisfied with something, to me there is always a way to improve and become better, and sometimes contentment can be a very good thing.

There has been one change I have been wanting to make, and I think it will make me a better sister and friend. I want to be less judgmental of what people do, not worry about the choices they are making, and also not let it affect me.

I get annoyed way to easily at choices people around me make, really I don't like the complaining if you don't plan on changing anything, but it shouldn't matter. I should be a sympathetic listening ear and then let it go and not worry about it unless it is something I can help to change.

Because really sometimes we just like to complain to complain, because it feels good to get it all out, and there is nothing wrong with that.

It is a little change but it will make a huge difference in my life, and the interactions I make with others around me.

And who doesn't love that.

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