Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I HATE running, I don't even know if hate is a strong enough word, loathe, despise, detest, either way running a marathon is not something that will ever be on my "To Do" list.

My husband thinks if I would just do it I would enjoy it but as I have told him many times it just won't happen. In High School they made us run every day, I HATED IT, but I still had to do it!!

In the spring they would drive us up the canyon, drop us off, and then we would run the 3 miles back to the school. If you made it back in a certain amount of time you didn't have to run for the rest of the year, every single year I tried my hardest to make it back so I wouldn't have to run anymore, and every single year I failed and had to keep running.

My sister asked me a few weeks ago to be on a team she was putting together for a 5K Mud run, "it will be fun" she told me, but I thought of a bunch of things way more fun to spend the $40 entry fee on......

(hello cute shoes)

Yesterday I spent the day at Samantha's Hershey track meet, she was assigned to run the 50m, 100m, and also do the standing long jump. She won her heat in the 50m so she advanced to the semi finals where she took 2nd in her heat. The semi finals were timed and her time put her into the finals where she placed 3rd.

She also came in 2nd on her 100m so very close behind the girl who came in 1st.

She was so excited and found she really loved running and maybe she would like doing track. So like the good supportive Mom I am, I told her she should start running more and if she needed someone to run with..

her Dad would probably like the exercise and would love to start running with her.

The End!!

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