The Big 5

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My baby turned 5 and we had a big family party. We started the day with Hannah's choice of breakfast cereal, Cookie Crisp, and we let her open her present from Samantha.

After Hunter and Samantha were dropped off at school we took her birthday pictures and took her to register for Kindergarten. If it wasn't hard enough having my baby turn 5, taking her to Kindergarten registration was just salt in my wounds.

We picked up Rob, Samantha and Hunter and headed to get pizza for lunch.

Hannah had been trying to be patient and wait to open her presents, so we decided to cut her a break and head home to open presents and eat cake.

Hannah always gets so excited when she is opening presents and makes the best faces.

She loved all of her presents, Lego's from Grandma and Grandpa Davidson, a tea set from Grandma and Grandpa Morris, two Lego Friends sets, Monster High Cupid, and Gil.

Hannah chose a Tangled Cake, the cake in the picture had yellow frosting swirled across the cake, she didn't like it because it looked messy, so we had them make the cake without it.

Samantha went back to school and we put together Hannah's Lego Friend's sets until it was time to pick her up. We then headed to Chuck E Cheese to play for awhile.

Hannah wanted to end the day at Chuck a Rama for dinner, one of her favorite places to eat.

She said it was the best birthday and we were all happy to hear it.

We sure do love this girl!!

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