The Bear and the Dress

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hannah was so excited for her birthday, but she had also been a bit cranky. So I made her a deal the day before her birthday, if she would take a nap and then after dance class take good pictures for me I would let her open the build a bear bag. 

She took a nap that afternoon, and I got teary because my baby is turning 5 and won't be taking naps much longer, which also means she won't be asking me to snuggle with her "the entire time she naps" (because I usually wait until she is asleep to go get stuff done). But not today, I snuggled with her the entire time

We didn't get to take pictures after dance class because the weather turned junky, but I had made a promise and she was so excited to open her first present.

Hunter decided she couldn't open it without a bear so he went to pick one out for her, and then I started crying again. Hunter brought out the bear him and Samantha had made for her at Build a Bear before she was born, although he didn't know they had done that.

Hannah saw this dress in the window one day when we were at the mall, it looked just like her dance outfit and she had to have it for her birthday. When we went back to the mall a few days before her birthday to pick out her birthday outfit it was gone and she was disappointed she wouldn't be able to have it. Thankfully I had already bought it for her.

It was a good kickoff to the birthday celebrations and she was thrilled.

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