Slow Stick

Friday, January 27, 2012

(seriously, my hubs is so handsome in his glasses!!)

Whenever I think of a new hobby I might be interested in Rob is always encouraging me to give it a try. So when he talked about getting a Slow Stick as something fun for him and Hunter, I was determined to make sure he got one and be as supportive to him as he is to me and my hobbies. He went back and forth about if we should be spending the money on it, but he works so hard I really wanted him to get it. After he received an amazon gift card and his bonus ended up being more than we expected he finally bought himself one.

He was able to find someone in Spanish Fork who sells everything he needed (and lots of extras) and spent the majority of the weekend putting it all together. Sunday the weather cooperated and  he took it out for its first flight, and then again every chance he has had after that to practice learning to fly it.

(he just came home from work and grabbed the plane and Hunter to go to the school and go flying)

 (First Flight)

I love listening to his plans for when he masters flying it, he is going to attach his GoPro, he also wants to put a bomb bay on it, and the kids toys are standing in line for a ride.

He loves it, the kids love watching him fly it, and I love that they are all happy!!

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