Oh Christmas Tree

Friday, December 9, 2011

Have I mentioned we live in Utah, maybe only a few hundred times, did I mention we are in Utah for Christmas??  Since we are in Utah we could add cut down our own tree to our Christmas list.  We invited Rob's sister Katie and her family down, and drove up the mountain in search of the perfect tree.  We hadn't driven very far when there she was, the heavens opened, the light shone down, and I think I heard angels sing.  We checked her out and deemed her perfect but wondered if we should cut down the first tree we saw, so we put a stick to mark where she was and continued our search.

But when the heavens open up and sing you cut down the tree, we didn't and when we got back to her someone else had cut her down, I won't lie I hated them a little bit.  So we hurried and cut a different one down since it was getting dark and brought him home.  The first morning he was up Bubba decided to hang from the tree to check and see how sturdy he was, after that the poor tree wouldn't stand up in the stand, and if we are being honest his poor branches would not have held a single ornament anyway.

Tomorrow he will be used to make a fire and keep us warm as we search for a new tree.

Katie and her family did find a beautiful tree and it is so cute and decorated in their house, don't worry I am not extremely jealous, just a tiny bit jealous.

The sidekicks had a blast playing in the snow with their cousins, I think they forgot they were supposed to be looking for the perfect tree.

Thanks for coming down Katie it was lots of fun!!

PS. I am all caught up now, YAY, and my memory card is empty, double YAY!!

PPS. You can see some more cute snow pictures of Hannah and Jax over HERE.

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