Chuck E Cheese

Monday, November 21, 2011

On Friday we drove to Layton so I could get in some good snuggle time with baby Jax, OK fine that wasn't the real reason, Austin had a birthday the day before and we were going up to celebrate.  We met the 'Aho family at Chuck E Cheese to let the kids play and then to get some dinner.  The sidekicks were so excited to get to hang out with their cousins and I was happy to get to sit back and let them run until their tokens were gone.  Oh and because I had parked myself in a booth to have some adult conversation I sent Rob out with the camera, so all of these pictures are his (thanks hunny!!).

The birthday boy, hard to believe him and Hannah are only 4 months apart, Happy 5th Birthday Austin!!

This has to be the best picture of the night.

We also managed to play some games, ski ball and deal or no deal.

Thanks Austin for letting us celebrate with you, we had the best time!!

And thanks Jax for being so chill and letting me get my fill of snuggling (and smooching) in!!

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