Friday, October 28, 2011

Today the sidekicks didn't have school which lead to the fighting starting shortly after they woke up, which lead to me needing to find something to keep us entertained and get us out of this tiny house.  We have tried to go see the witches at Gardner Village a few times but never did make it and I had heard great things about Ride to a Witch so I decided we were going to spend the afternoon there.

Only I didn't check the website to confirm times until after we got there and found out Ride to a Witch only runs from 6-8 pm on Friday nights and 10 am - 8 pm on Saturdays and it was the middle of the afternoon and we needed to pick up Rob at 4 from work, so that was not going to happen.

Lucky for me there were lots of fun witches all over Gardner Village to see and we had fun wondering around checking them all out.  Thankfully the sidekicks didn't question why all the other kids had scavenger hunt papers and they didn't (another oops in not printing them off before we left).


The sidekicks loved the witches and asked if we could go back next year, of course I agreed and promised myself I would be a little bit better prepared.

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