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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I had a crazy idea one night, Rob and I were discussing the ol' blog and what it would probably mean to our family years down the road, it is my/our history of sorts.  I had been mulling an idea over and I thought it was the perfect time to see what Rob thought.

"I want to take a picture every month in the exact same spot so we can see how we change and how our spot changes throughout the year.  Plus it will be some great picture taking practice for me."

Rob was completely on board and we have been searching for the perfect spot for a few weeks now.  There is not a short supply of beautiful places surrounding us, but it had to meet a couple requirements.

1. We had to be able to access it year round: Once the snow hits many roads are closed off and this would present a problem.  (Rob said unless we had a snowmobile, he figured suggesting this would help plead his case as to why we need one)


2. I wanted it to be in our mountains: We could go to Sundance which is breathtaking year round, but I wanted it to be closer to our home, and somewhere that meant something to us.

After a few drives up the canyon and some discussing as to what would be the perfect spot for us.

Last July after Rob's family reunion we had loaded up and were heading home, Rob decided he could take a shortcut to the Highway.  As we drove along the road I pictured myself living in the surrounding neighborhoods, I think that was the moment I fell in love and knew this was just where I wanted to live.  I hadn't said anything to Rob and he turned to me and said "I could see you living right here." (because Rob knows me but also pictures himself living in the mountains far away from any civilization)

Fast forward a few months; Rob accepted a job, and we would soon be moving exactly where we had pictured ourselves.

When I mentioned this to Rob he agreed it was the perfect spot, and lucky for us it is even open in the winter.  Although I am sure we will be trekking through a little bit of snow.

I will show you our October pictures in our spot on the 1st, along with a "Today We..." post on the 2nd detailing what the first day of the month looks like in our lives.

I have been so excited about this, and if you want to join in let me know.
The more the merrier right?!?!

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