Forget Not to Be Happy NOW!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I figure I am the queen of "I will be happy when....", or "everything will be better when...".  It used to be "I will be happy and everything will be better when we move to Utah".  We have been in Utah for almost 9 months, and yes things are so much better than when we lived in Kansas, I am amazed daily at how much I love it here, but there is still a "I will be happy and everything will be better when we have a house" lingering in my mind.

It is not everyday I am unhappy about our current living situation, it normally just occurs during occasional (time of the month) moments.  I can usually feel it coming on and try very hard to not let all the frustrations inside squash me, plus Rob always appreciates a little bit of a heads up.

When I listened to President Uchtdorf on Saturday night and he relayed the story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, I felt like he was talking directly at me.  He told about the candy maker Willy Wonka putting golden tickets in 5 of his candy bars and who ever held these golden tickets would be shown lots of wonders when they came to visit his chocolate factory.  People were so consumed with finding the golden ticket the candy bar becomes an "utter disappointment" when it did not contain one of these tickets.

Now since I love a good candy bar, and a good Uchtdorf talk, I was completely attentive.  He told us that whatever a "golden ticket" may represent to us in our lives we should not put our happiness on hold while we wait for it to appear.

I came home and told Rob I knew exactly what my "golden ticket" was, finally being able to move into a house of our own.  And owning a house is a great goal, but it should not be something I am letting get in the way of enjoying the great blessing I have right now in my life.  When I sit down and really look at my life right now I can see it has so many great "candy bars" in it:

* I have the best husband, sorry ladies, but it is true.
* I get to be a Mom to 3 of the greatest most adorable sidekicks around!!
* I live in Utah, I mean really do I need to say more.
* It is fall time and the leaves are starting to turn the most beautiful shades of yellows, oranges, and reds.
* Did I mention I am in Utah and can enjoy this beauty every day.
* I have a husband who works hard each day so I can be a stay at home Mom.
* We are surrounded by our extended families, they are the greatest and I am thankful for all of them.
* I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I don't know where I would be without it.  I would not be who I am or be able to become who I can be without it.
* I have wonderful parents who are great examples, are always willing to listen, and give shoulders to cry on.
* We do not have to go without, now I could tell you not having a house is going without, but our needs are always met and I am so grateful for that.
* Rob works close to home and I get to see him every day at lunch time, and when I am craving a firehouse burger he is always more than happy to take me.

And although there are things about this tiny twin home that drive me crazy, for it being site unseen when we signed the papers, it has been a good place for us to live.  We only have 3 months left on our contract, and we am not certain on where will will go when it is up, I know there are plenty of good candy bars in my life to enjoy right now while I wait for my golden ticket to finally arrive.

Now if you will excuse me I am pretty sure there is a Whatchamacallit with my name on it.

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