Mirror Lake

Monday, August 29, 2011

We had planned to sneak down to Lake Powell for a day of swimming, we haven't been all summer and it is killing us (Rob).  But with all that is coming up in the next few weeks we decided to stay close to home and go fishing instead.  Rob's cousins told us about Mirror Lake and that it was great spot for fishing so we decided to try it out.  We packed up some snacks and headed up for the afternoon.

There were a TON of people up there, but we found a little spot and starting rigging up the poles, well Rob rigged up the poles, I took some pictures and sat in my chair reading a book.

The fishing was a bit slow, we caught one fish and only because he did not have a will to live.
Samantha's line was tangled and I was trying to get it undone so she could reel in her line, when Rob asked who's bobber was in the water because they had caught a fish.  We ended up cutting the line and I pulled the fish in without a pole.

We unhooked him and tried to set him free but he just wouldn't swim, like I said before, he had no will to live.

We enjoyed some Cup O' Noodles for dinner and then it got cold and started to rain so we headed home.  On the way we stopped at the Dairy Keen in Heber and they had a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, I have decided everywhere needs one because they are amazing!!  We tried the Raspberry Diet Coke, YUMMY, but I need to find a machine around here because I really want to try the Orange Diet Coke.

But despite the cold and rain, not catching any fish, and all the people at the lake, I still believe our Saturday adventure was a good one.  
(Thank you mister Coke machine) 

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