First Day of School: Kindergarten Addition

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hunter started Kindergarten yesterday, we had an extra year to prepare for this day since we decided it would be better to wait a year and have him be the oldest than for him to be the youngest.  He was a little nervous for the beginning of school on Sunday, but Monday morning he couldn't wait to get there.  I am pretty sure he told me goodbye at least 3 times.

Pulling into the parking lot:
Hunter: Bye Mom
Me: Just a minute bud I will walk with you to your class room

At the door:
Hunter: Bye Mom
Me: Here take a picture and then we will find where to hang your backpack

Backpack put away
Hunter: Bye Mom
Me: How about we find your seat first

And then when he was seated and had started coloring his project I finally gave him a kiss and Hannah and I walked out the door. And surprisingly I didn't even cry.
Rob was able to pick him up from school and when they pulled into the drive way Hannah ran out the door to give Hunter a big hug.  I think we are both thankful Kindergarten isn't all day.

Hunter's favorite part of school: the see saw at recess.  There were other boys to play with and he was so excited to go back today, he even rode the bus with Samantha this morning.  

I also made him answer the same questions as Samantha did and these are his answers:

* My favorite subject at school is recess-the seesaw
* If I could go anyplace in the world, it would be Lego Land
* When I grow up I want to be in a Lego movie.
* My favorite animal is a  My dog Daisey
* A hobby I enjoy is going shooting
* My favorite meal is Blueberries
* The best thing about me is playing video games
* The next best thing about me is playing with toys
* I think I am really good at Math
* I think I need to improve at Homework/School

It is hard to believe Hunter is already in Kindergarten, and although we miss him, I know this year will be a good thing for him.

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