Cooking School

Friday, August 26, 2011

We were sitting at the dinner table one night and Samantha asked if I would teach her how to cook, my normal reaction would have been NO, but I decided it would be a good thing to teach her.  I told her she could have Wednesday nights, she would plan the meal and I would teach her how to make it.  I asked what she wanted to make for dinner and she told me Orange Chicken, I suggested we start out a bit slower so we settled on Stuffed Pizza Rolls.

Now Samantha and I have been known to butt heads, Rob informs me this is because we are identical, so I was a bit worried about how this would turn out.  But we worked well together and got dinner to the table without any problems (knock on wood for next week).

These were a big hit (recipe HERE), next week she is taking on Surprise Cheese Burgers.

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