Alex & Kaitlyn's Wedding

Monday, August 8, 2011

We spent our weekend in St. George, it was our last hurrah before school starts, and it was also my little brother's wedding.  Friday we worked on prep for the luncheon, Rob did manage to sneak away with Brian for some fun on the lake, and the men of the Davidson family headed to Mesquite that night while us girls headed to the pool. 
Saturday we were up early for wedding rehearsal and getting ready for the luncheon.  While we were cleaning up there was a bobbing for lemons competition and a water fight (OK that was just me and Alex and he cheated both times), the boys also played a very entertaining game of Lightening.
The wedding was beautiful, and we are so happy to have Kaitlyn as an official sister.  Rob and Samantha were both in the wedding, Samantha was the flower girl and loved being with all the big girls before the wedding.  We enjoyed lots of food, family and dancing at the reception.
After the bride and groom left for their honey moon we headed over to visit our cousins Curt and Heather, the kids (and Rob) were so excited to be able to swim in their pool while I sat and chatted.  There was lots of laughing and we finally decided it was time to head for bed when Hunter curled up on the floor to go to sleep and Samantha did the same on the couch.
Sunday we headed home completely exhausted, the kiddos went to bed at 7:45 and were out within 5 minutes, at 9:30 I conceded and crawled into bed.  Thankfully it didn't take much to convince Rob to join me.  12 hours of sleep later and we were ready for our Monday.  2 weeks until school starts and we are going to work on getting back into that sleeping mode.
I didn't take many pictures, probably because if my hands were free I was holding little Nolan, but these are a few of my favorites I pulled off the camera.

The Sisters.
 (ignore the red eye, I have fixed it but the changes are not being saved, GRRR)

The Brothers

The entire Davidson Clan

I am sad I didn't get a picture of Samantha all done up, she looked so cute and LOVED being the flower girl.

Wanting a turn...

Can you guess what the answer was, haha.

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