Stewart Falls

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rob's work has season passes to Sundance and the employees can sign up to use them, we have been wanting to go up for a while and finally got a chance.  We packed up everything we needed for our hike into Stewart Falls and then headed up the mountain.  The resort is beautiful and really green from all of this year's moisture.  We were able to ride the ski lifts (a first for all of us except Rob) to the trail head, we all loved it and wanted to go again.
Our hike into the falls was not bad, there was some water to wade through, and a few steep hills, but for the most part it was easy and the kids were troopers.  Hannah had her Dad so she milked it for all it was worth an got him to give her shoulder rides for a lot of the hike.

I really love this bike, the colors, the style, just love!!  
Sooo if you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for me.....

"You want us to cross THAT?!?!"

Stewart Falls, it was beautiful!!  
(and there were lots of people enjoying it)

A quick picture...and then they are done....

and someone is a tiny bit wet.
And SO not very happy about it.

We couldn't keep Samantha out of the water.

Although we did convince her to take a tiny break to take our picture.

The hike was lots of fun, we came home dirty, hungry, and exhausted.  We stuffed ourselves at Chuck-A-Rama, took a warm shower, and are now getting ready to hit the hay.
Weekends like this are my favorite!!

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