Pioneer Day 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pioneer day was one of the holidays I was most looking forward to celebrating when we moved back to Utah.  In Beaver it is a huge celebration, and I loved every minute.  I debated taking the sidekicks down this year but with my parents not living there anymore I didn't think it was the best idea.  Unfortunately things didn't work out perfectly here either.
I looked for a celebration on Saturday but ended up sleeping in and we missed the parade.  With Rob gone I don't sleep well so I always stay up as late as possible so I can go right to sleep and then end up laying in bed until later in the morning.  Thank goodness my kiddos are good at making their own breakfast and entertaining themselves until I roll out of bed.
I figured we could still hit the concert in the park and watch the fireworks, we were having a great time until an epic meltdown by both girls brought us home early.
With Pioneer day being on a Sunday there was celebrations on Saturday and Monday, so Rob and I decided to take them to another town for their concert and fireworks.  Only when we walked out the door we saw the huge storm hovering right over our destination.
We decided to drive down and see if they had decided to cancel anything.  We found out they were still doing the fireworks but the concert had been canceled.  I didn't want to get stuck in traffic so Rob found us a hill where we could sit, watch, and make a quick escape.  It was a little far away but we still enjoyed the show and the many fireworks being lit all over town.

(OK so they don't look like they are enjoying the music but they really did)

I was slightly disappointed it was not the celebration I was expecting, and I told Rob maybe it is time we start our own Pioneer day traditions.  I am thinking we need to buy a boat and take it to our favorite lake and then hit up a small town in the area for the parade and fireworks.
After all I have heard it can be a good time.

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