Diamond Fork Campground

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sometimes we love to drag our children to unknown places, the entire time they are asking 20 questions and trying to guess where we are going. It is probably silly to not tell them where we are going, but it sure is fun to watch them squirm and be annoyed. Today we decided to go on a drive, we wanted to check and see if the road was open to the hot springs up Diamond Fork Canyon. Sadly it was not, and I am holding out hope they will open it in the next couple of weeks, but we made the most of it by stopping at a campground to explore. Hunter wanted to climb some rocks and I wanted a walk and to breathe some fresh air.

The teenager was not too thrilled about our Sunday adventure, thankfully a little time in nature did wonders for her attitude and she started to have fun with the rest of us. Being outside seems to improve all of our attitudes, I need to remember that!!

As we walked down the trail we heard Hunter singing about how he loves tunnels only to then have him appear from one underneath the trail. It didn't take much convincing to get his sisters to join him.

No one can seem to resist jumping pictures.

The stick fighting went on for awhile until Rob took a stick to the face which almost got his eye but instead left a nice gash on his cheek.

Samantha eventually took my camera and went off to explore with Hunter while we finished walking the loop. They found a tepee and came back to get Hannah so they could show her.

It turned out to be the perfect Sunday outing, the weather was beautiful, and bonus there was no cell service so we were forced to spend time talking and laughing with each other. Just what we needed!!

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