Hello 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

I am not sure what to say about 2016, it wasn't a bad year, it was just a crazy year. There were days when I felt like I was barely hanging onto my life the roller coaster, I felt like I was behind and always struggling to catch up.

I don't know if 2017 will be any better, I am hopeful, and I have a plan. But, if I have learned anything it is that life very rarely goes according to plan. I am ready though.

The goal this year is to simplify, stick to the basics, try to take things one at a time, and be more organized.

I did not complete all my projects from last year, the list is too long, but I plan to simplify my approach this year and make sure that one thing is complete before moving on. 

I have spent the last 17 days of my winter break trying to clear out clutter and complete a few projects before moving on to other projects. My bathroom and laundry room closets and drawers are looking great so far, let's just hope they stay that way. Next up is the basement so we can get it framed, which is sadly as far as we will go right now on getting it finished, but we need a wall underneath the island so at least that will get done before the weather gets nice and we go back outside to finish that big job.

 I am hopeful for a good year, and so grateful I have these 4 to enjoy it with.

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