Hiawatha Trail

Monday, June 27, 2016

Friday we loaded up the truck with our bikes and headed to Montana to bike the Hiawatha trail for Rob's weekend. And while this counted as Rob's weekend it was actually something I had wanted to do and pushed for him to plan. Thankfully it was right up his alley and something he also wanted to do so he was okay counting it as his weekend. I did make him get all the reservations in place claiming the entire time it was his weekend and of course he did a great job of planning it all out and I just got to go along for the ride.

We are also lucky to have the Scrivners to go on crazy adventures with us, and they were just as excited  to go as we were. I think the summer adventure will become a new tradition just like the Yurt has. We all love these cousins that are not really our cousins.

We drove the 9 hours to Missoula Montana where our hotel was and let the kids swim to get out their wiggles from the long drive. The trail was 1 1/2 hours away so it was the perfect stopping place.

On a side note it has been HOT here in Utah and when I packed our bags I packed for that weather, my mind didn't even register the weather could and would be different. When we got to Montana it was in the 50's as a storm had just rolled through. We found a Target and I hoped and prayed that I would be able to find sweaters in June. Thankfully I found what we needed because the Taft Tunnel stays at a cool 35 degrees year round. Yes I need to research what I am doing more.

We loaded up Saturday morning and headed to the trail head. The entire trail is 16 miles and I was a little worried about how our kids would do, but there was not any complaining from the kids, I think it is safe to say we all had a really great time.

The Hiawatha trail is an old rail line that they have converted into a bike trail so it was a nice steady down hill, nothing steep or even noticeable, and the scenery was beautiful. Not to mention all the fun tunnels and bridges we rode over and through. In the end the kids all agreed their favorite part was riding through the dark 1 1/2 mile Taft tunnel. (mentioned in a conference talk titled Choose the Light HERE)

And now for the picture overload, it was just so pretty!!

I about gagged when Samantha chose a salted nut roll for a snack at the gas station, we had to take a picture and send it to Grandpa Davidson because they are his favorite too. But GROSS!!

Getting everything all ready at the top of the trail head.

Heading into the Taft Tunnel, 1 1/2 miles of dark cold tunnel, but our favorite part.

Standing on the Montana/Idaho State line in the middle of the Taft Tunnel.

As we were riding Hannah's arms started turning red and she felt like a million needles were stabbing into them. We were only 5 miles in and still had a long ways to go, I felt helpless. I had some lotion with aloe we put on and used a cold water bottle to get them to calm down but it still hurt and we kept stopping to put the cold water bottle on them. Eventually the 2 of us stopped behind so I could put cold on her arms again and we decided to say a prayer asking Heavenly Father to please help her arms stop hurting so she could enjoy this beautiful ride. As soon as we were done a beautiful butterfly came and landed on Hannah's bike, and then on her before it flew away. Hannah really love unicorns and butterflies and I knew it was Heavenly Father's way of letting her know he was there. Her arms did not bother her for the rest of the trip and she had a great time. I started getting teary explaining it to Rob when we caught up with him and I still get a little teary just thinking about it, I am so grateful for answers to prayers!!

The Scrivners learned how to do these trick shots on a trip to Mexico and we had some fun with them along the trail.

On the shuttle back up to the top of the trail head where we would have to ride back through the Taft tunnel to finish, the kids were not sad about that.

Hannah was so excited she had made it the entire way, there were a few tears at the last 2 miles of the trail before we boarded the shuttle. She was exhausted and I was very proud of her for pushing through!! She fell asleep on the shuttle ride back up but caught her second wind riding back through the Taft tunnel.

Rob's Grandpa is buried in Superior, which is on the way back to Missoula, so we stopped to see his grave and eat dinner at Durangos.

We ended the night swimming at the hotel pool. Sadly we had been looking forward to a good soak in the hot tub but the heating element had gone out, just our luck.

It was definitely a trip to remember and one I wouldn't mind repeating.

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