New Year's Eve

Saturday, January 2, 2016

On Tuesday Rob took Hunter and Samantha to their cousin's house for a sleep over, when he came home he told me that his sister was not going to host a New Year's party this year. I knew they were all disappointed but I was thankful I would actually be able to go to bed when I wanted to. I love a new year and the chance to start over, but I also really love my sleep and at 10 pm I want nothing more than to be in my nice warm bed.

I knew I still wanted to make the night fun for my family so I started brainstorming. I decided we were going to go ice skating on our neighbors homemade ice rink, drag all of our mattresses out to the family room and watch our favorite movies of 2015, play some games, and eat yummy food. 

Rob decided it sounded like so much fun he was going to invite his sisters family and parents over because he felt bad they didn't have anywhere to go for New Year's. I had to adjust my plan slightly and it was a little chaotic that morning while I hurried to paint my window trim so we could get everything put back together and cleaned up, but in the end it turned out to be a fun night. Plus I love throwing a fun party, just wish I had a little more time to prepare and do a few things differently.

We still went ice skating before all the family arrived. It was so much fun!! Our neighbors made a huge rink out on their grass and then had fires roaring with hot chocolate, hot dogs, and marshmallows. We are so lucky to have such great neighbors and to live in a a great neighborhood, we have decided no one gets to move ever.

We came home and pulled out all of the kids mattresses and got ready for the family's arrival. We had chili and waffles for dinner, watched The Minion Movie, had a Mario Kart tournament, played farkle, and watched some of our favorite You Tube video's of 2015.

After the clock struck 12 and every one headed home we wrote on a balloon our one word we want to focus on this year and then released them. I love picking the perfect word and then focusing on it all year so I was happy my family was willing to join in.

The kids slept out in the family room while Rob and I snuggled into our bed, and yes I made it until after midnight, it was a miracle. 

Goodbye 2015, we are all looking forward to, and hoping for, a healthy and happy 2016.

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