Volleyball Season

Sunday, December 6, 2015

We came home from the ward party, told the kids to be quiet for the next 2 hours, and then went to crawl in bed when my phone rang. Like an idiot I answered it and Samantha's volleyball coach was on the other end wondering if she could come and play in the tournament that day. We were going to just skip it, we are usually to every game, but it was too much mixed in with the ward party. I reluctantly told them yes and headed to the Junior High.

Like the terrible parent I am, I couldn't help but smile when they lost their second game and we could finally head home for that much needed nap.

It was fun to watch Samantha though, she was pretty consistent with her serving and receiving.

She was glad she went, but she was also glad when she was done, so maybe I am not such a terrible parent.

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