Labor Day 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

I laugh at this picture only because it cracks me up that she fell asleep in church, but if I am being honest I wanted so badly to join her, and because I cropped out my friend who was giving me a disapproving look for taking pictures in church. And this was only half way through Labor Day Weekend, we still had a bunch of partying to do because the next day!!!

It was been a couple years since we have visited McBride's Briar Patch, but I was determined this year to go early in the morning and pick raspberries so we could make some raspberry freezer jam.

I really hope next year I have my own bushes bursting with delicious raspberries, but if not we are covered.

We ended up with enough raspberries to make 16 jars of jam, I don't know how long it will last us, but for now we are all very happy to have homemade jam for our rolls.

Speaking of rolls, we came home from picking raspberries and the kids scattered to various friends homes to play, Rob went out to do yard work, and I stayed inside making jam and prepping for family dinner that night. I was in my happy place baking in my kitchen while watching Harry Potter.

I am fairly certain it was the perfect Labor Day, I only wish it lasted a little longer or they came around more often!!

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