Summer Vacation 2015 - Yellowstone

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and left Rexburg to head to Yellowstone. I have only been once as a kid and I do not remember anything except Old Faithful!!

We were in constant awe at how beautiful Yellowstone is, there are so many diverse landscapes, the colors are amazing, and there was constantly something interesting to look at. The more we explore this world of ours, the more I marvel at what an amazing artist God is, and he really made Yellowstone one of his masterpieces.

There are A LOT of people at Yellowstone, and I am sure a Saturday made it worse, it was packed and parking was sometimes difficult, but we enjoyed all that we could squeeze in.

We left the park that night exhausted, which I think is a good sign, and drove to Jackson Wyoming for the night and to enjoy one last day of vacation.

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