Hunter's 10th Birthday

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hunter turned 10 on Saturday and to celebrate we had a big party with his cousin Leka, her birthday is 2 days after Hunter's so it worked perfect. We rented a big blow up water slide and had plenty of good food to eat. The kids had a blast and Hunter decided it was his best birthday ever.

The leftover cupcakes somehow became the ammunition for a cupcake war, Hannah and I stayed far far away from all that madness.

Hunter also went camping the night before with his Dad and Grandpa and did a little fishing on Strawberry reservoir where he was the only one to catch a fish. It was his lucky day, but sadly no pictures.

I am so grateful for my Hunter, he is my best and most loving boy and he brings so much sunshine into our lives. Our family just wouldn't be complete without him.

Happy Birthday Bubba!!!

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