Parent Teacher Confrences

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nothing makes a Mom happier than to hear that her kids are doing so well in school. We have been so blessed this year with amazing teachers, especially Bubba.

Hunter had a rough year last year and I hoped and prayed he would have a teacher this year who could see past the sometimes overly active boy, to the kid who is kind, loving, and so smart. We got that and so much more with his teacher this year. I can not say enough good things about her. He is so excited to go to school every day and is full of stories when he gets home. He is a completely different kid this year and it is all thanks to her.

The girls teachers are quite amazing too. Hannah's teacher is new this year and so full of enthusiasm, Hannah has also loved every minute of school and is certain her teacher is the greatest around.

Samantha cried when she found out who her teacher would be, it was a good 2 weeks of drama leading up to meet the teacher night. But she found that every fear she had was wrong and now thinks her teacher is the best one in the 6th grade.

We decided to go out and celebrate the good reports we received tonight when we visited with their teachers with a trip to Culver's. Because nothing says keep up the good work quite like ice cream and blurry selfies.

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