Monday (or a post about cleaning bathrooms).

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A funny thing happened on Monday: we survived school, full days of work, and we got all the bathrooms cleaned.

A miracle if I have ever seen one.

Friday I got a text asking if I could cover the front desk on Monday. I have been covering the front desk a lot lately and it doubles the hours I work in a day. Some days it is not so bad, but other days it is awful because I can't accomplish what I need to at home.

And when I cover on Monday I miss bathroom day which seems to throw off the entire week.

I agreed thinking I would just clean it Sunday night after the kids were in bed like I have done before, but the day was so wonderful I didn't want to ruin it, so the bathroom didn't get cleaned.

The dreaded Monday morning came and I got up and got ready, got the kids and Rob up and moving and proceeded through the morning. The morning was surprisingly calm, we got the morning chores done, lunches packed, and calmly walked out the door.

The kids were dropped off at school and I headed into work for a very quiet and uneventful day, which never seems to happen when I am working at the front.

I picked the kids up after school and we came home and they immediately got to work, and so did I. We whipped out their homework, bathrooms and the smaller bathroom with time to spare before Rob got home from work.

Rob came home and made dinner, cause it is pancake night and he is the best pancake maker in the family, and I helped a little. I would be lying if I didn't say I took the chance to do a lot of sitting and observing.

After dinner the kids got to work cleaning the kitchen while I got started on my bathroom.

Amazingly by 7 everything was done and we had a wonderful Family Home Evening.

I was in charge of the treat and kind of forgot. Never have I been so grateful for a box of pudding in the pantry and the can of whipping cream in the fridge.

Before bed we turned on "Can't Touch This" and did the Hammer dance on the way to bed with everyone smiling and laughing.

I can't stop thinking the day would have been entirely different if I had approached it with a different attitude. I was determined today to not grumble, and to instead count my blessings, there were many prayers said throughout the day to help me keep this focus.

As we were crawling into bed I started listing all the good things that had happened that day.

"So you are counting your blessings" Rob asked

"I guess I am" I told him, "and it is making all the difference."

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