Samantha's 10 Laws

Monday, September 8, 2014

If Samantha is ever the one in charge and making the laws, this is what we can expect.

(taken from today's homework with a little Mom commentary)

1. Abuse Law: You do not abuse anyone or any animals. If you are responsible for abuse you will be sent to jail. The years apply to how bad the abuse is.

2. Stealing Law: You do not steal or take anything without permission. If you steal you are sent to jail for 2 years. If you take anything without permission you will pay a fee.

3. Hunting Law: You must have a tag for hunting game. If you don't have a tag for hunting game and you hunt anyway it will count as abuse.

4. Speeding Law: You must stick to the speed of the speed limit. If you are caught speeding you will have to pay a fine of $120.00.

(someone, not naming names, got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago and this was his fine. Funny what kids remember)

5. No Beer, Drugs, or Cigarettes: You cannot have beer or cigarettes. You can't have drugs either unless you have a prescription. If you have beer or cigarettes you will be sent to jail if you don't have a prescription for drugs.

(is this proof all those lectures are actually sinking in?? Say No to drugs kids!!)

6. No Killing: No killing or murdering anyone. If you kill or murder anyone you will be put in jail. Jail time varies.

7. Seat belt Law: Always wear your seat belt. If you are caught without a seat belt you will pay a fine.

8. No More Embarrassing Mom Law: Your Mom is not allowed to chaperon at any classes in school unless they are a parent helper or field trip helper or teacher. If you are chaperoning your child you have to buy the kid whatever they want.

(I figure I am not doing my job as a Mom if I am not embarrassing, right?!?!)

9. School hat law: You are allowed to have hats at school as long as they are appropriate. If you are wearing an inappropriate hat you will be in skills for a week.

(I have lost count of how many times she has complained about hats at school)

10. Doughnut Law: Everyone who follows the law gets a free doughnut that week on Saturday. If you don't' follow the law you do not get free donuts on Saturday.

(seriously, who do we start lobbying to get this law created. Free doughnuts for all!!)

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