Gingerbread Houses

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I was watching Studio 5 and they were talking about keeping Christmas simple and stress free, one of the suggestions was to ask your kids what they really wanted to do this year that would make Christmas the best for them.

So I sat my kids down determined to make a plan and asked my kids what they really wanted to do this Christmas and what were some things they have loved doing in past years. I was answered with blank stares and eventual random answers as they tried to make things up so they could answer the question.

I decided at that moment I was off the hook, we would do the things I knew they loved (Cutting down a Christmas tree, Going to the Festival of Lights, and making Gingerbread houses) and then we would call the holiday a success.

So I had the kids save their milk jugs from school, well Samantha and Hunter saved theirs, Hannah was a little worried she was stealing the garbage from school, and then we headed to Winco to hit their bulk foods section and we were set for a Sunday afternoon of messy fun with our 'Aho cousins.

(Hunter ran off before I got a picture of him with his house, he was a bit excited to finally have Tui over to play Skylanders)

I think it is safe to say Gingerbread Houses were a success this year!!

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