Tuesday, November 19, 2013

* I will start by apologizing now if 3 billion posts show up in whatever feed reader you use, I got the wild hair to move all of our blog posts here so everything is all together, which is close to 800 posts. I started today, let's see how long it will take me to finish this project.

* We are almost moved in, there is one box needing to be unpacked and a little bit more floor to scrub and then I can move onto the fun stuff, decorating and making this house our home.

* I have been thinking about how awesome we used to be, you know before we decided to build a house, here's to hoping I can get some of that awesomeness back and also remember how to document it along the way.

* I have been cussing painters as I scrub little spots of paint off of my tile. I have been working on it since Monday and will hopefully finish tomorrow. My knees hurt and my arm has started going numb, it is really lovely.

* I have been thinking about how much I have alienated people the last few months. I am sorry I have been cranky, it was the stress, not that that is a good excuse. I am sorry we haven't had time to do anything, and I am sorry I was so absorbed in this house. I promise to be better!!
Although I do reserve the right to one week every month that I can't be fully blamed for my cranky behavior. I try hard to keep the hormones under control, but honestly sometimes I loose the power struggle and they get their way.

* I have enjoyed reading through some of our old posts, I am realizing how far I have come in the last three years, but that is a post all its own.

* Has been one of many busy nights this week, it is either feast or famine for activity free nights. This week is famine. Hannah was out cold by 8:15, she crawled onto Rob's lap and was out, so adorable.

And with that list I say goodnight Internets, tomorrow is another day full of scrubbing tile and running kids to various activities, I think that means it is time for bed!!

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