Scouting For Elk

Monday, September 23, 2013

On Friday Rob announced that he and Hunter were going to head into the mountains to scout for elk and do "manly stuff". I can only assume "manly stuff" involves gross body noises, all of nature as your toilet, and Taco Bell; things that are normally discouraged around Mom.

I decided the girls and I didn't want to be stuck home on a Friday night so I suggested that maybe "manly stuff" could wait because we wanted to go too. I didn't want to miss out on a fall drive and to see if the leaves were starting to change colors.

Half way through our scouting mission us girls asked Rob if he could find a good place for a potty break. The kids decided to then turn our pit stop into a chance to explore, and Rob took the opportunity to teach our kids how to make fire with flint and steel, an important life skill.

(I love this picture of Hannah, it tells so much about who she is. She is very timid and will usually hang back until she is sure about the situation, but once she has made up her mind to join there is no stopping her)

The weather was perfect and I am looking forward to our next fall drive. Rob said we can go on more fall drives, they just can't be combined with scouting for elk. Something about spending more time scouting for good potty spots and a lack of Taco Bell.

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  1. Such gorgeous pictures! Hoping the snow didn't cover it all up, so you can go on another Fall drive.