Father's Day

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rob has been in Paris all week, he is flying home today and I have been counting the hours until his flight lands from the minute we dropped him off on Sunday. Life is crazy right now and I just feel like I can deal with it a lot easier when he is around. I am so grateful for how hard he works to support our family, we sure do love him and miss him like crazy when he is gone.

He left on Father's Day so we had our dinner on Saturday and breakfast before he left on Sunday. Of course the best way for me to show him how much I love him is to make him good food. We did buy him a new tie, but really he prefers the food.

For dinner we had Pork Carnitas, these are going on our favorite list. My kids don't normally like tacos, but they all asked for seconds.

Samantha checked out a Whoopie recipe book from the library, these were the first recipe we tried and they were so good!! I promise I will share the recipe soon!!

And then we made Rob's favorite Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast, I promise to also share this recipe.

Also, I bought a jumbo icing tip and now I am a piping fool, it makes everything look so pretty I can't help myself.

My kids are so lucky to have such an amazing Dad!! I love you Rob, for forever and a day!!

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  1. All this food is makin' me hungry. Share recipes soon. :)