Samantha's 10th Birthday Pictures

Friday, March 8, 2013

Today I sat down with my calendar to plan out the next week, it is going to be a busy week at our house. It is Hannah's birthday, she is turning the big 6, and is so excited. We are having a friends party and a family party, and thankfully she took it pretty easy on me with her request to have a BBQ with the family and take her friends to Chuck E Cheese.

But then I remembered I didn't post Samantha's birthday pictures, and they were so cute so I couldn't not post them!! Plus it was so cold the day of her pictures, and she was such a trooper, so they had to be shown. And we had a little bit of fun the day after her birthday with the photo booth, one of the things she requested for her friend party.

Which reminds me Hannah wants me to set the photo booth up for her family party, we are going to need more glasses and some cute fabric, better add it to our weekend shopping list!!


  1. She is adorable! What a cute outfit too, Abby would love that outfit. I tried to do a photobooth for Abby's party last week. It was a huge bomb. Yours is so cute though.

    1. I set one up for Hannah's party and it was a bust too, but I was really OK with that :)