Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We are all dying for spring to show up around here, and there have been a few warm days teasing us, but I know how Utah weather works and winter is not done yet. Soon the snow will return and we will have a few more cold days before spring actually comes.

The kids have been taking full advantage of the nice days we have been enjoying, and spending as much time outside as possible, which is great, but sometimes it is hard to drag them back inside.

Last night they requested BBQ for dinner, and since I have been craving a really good burger it was an easy request to grant. The sun was setting and it was starting to get cold, but they were determined to eat outside, so we let them.

Hannah did decide it was too cold for her and ended up coming inside to eat with us.

I am really looking forward to warmer weather, food cooked on the grill, and for the days when we can actually start eating outside again.


Speaking of dinner, the kids made me laugh yesterday with their conversation:

Hannah: When I am a Mom I am going to make good dinners and make my kids try tomatoes.

Me: Is that because good Mom's make their kids try tomatoes?

Hannah: No, you should always try things once

Hunter: When I get married my Wife is going to be the best Mom and always make whatever my kids want for dinner.

Me: Good luck with that one.

Samantha: Not Me, because my kids would always want to go to McDonalds and you don't like to eat there when you are a parent.

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